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I’m Kjell Sherman, a college hockey player and avid golfer.

Trust me, I get my share of aches and pains, but I like my lifestyle too much to wind up sidelined for any amount of time.

I also believe in natural remedies because I work too hard to keep my body in peak condition for me to settle for anything less!
I don’t recommend any product that I don’t use myself. And I can assure you that these Power Strips are the real deal.

FGX Express ships PowerStrips directly to your door. Now is the time to get to know the product!

Satire with substance can make a powerful point. Here’s an excellent segment from Jon Stewart’s popular Daily Show that supports why I prefer all-natural alternatives for pain relief. It hits home for literally billions of us. Just give them a moment to pay the bills:
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The principle behind the product is actually quite simple. By increasing energy, one of the first benefits you’ll notice is a relief of pain.

For this reason, PowerStrips are listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the United States Food & Drug Administration that can be used for temporary pain relief and for improving the feel and look of the skin.

It’s clearly an efficient fusion of modern science and ancient herbs!

Please watch this video closely to see exactly what PowerStrips do and how they do it:
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See for yourself what the PowerStrip can do!

Order a single strip from me for $4.95, and I’ll put one in the mail to you today.

I think you’ll be impressed!
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PowerStrips are sold exclusively by FGXpress private distributors like me. And our numbers are growing!
PowerStrips come in packs of 15. Each strip lasts for at least 2-3 days. Order your supply now!
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